Collector’s Deed

RSMO. 140.40 and 140.410
If the Property has not been redeemed during the one-year redemption period, the holder of the Certificate of Purchase may apply for and receive a Collector’s Deed to the property. A Collector’s Deed can be issued to the Certificate of Purchase holder provided the following has occurred.

  1. The Legal holder of the Certificate of Purchase is named as the original tax sale purchaser or the assignee on the original Certificate of Purchase;
  2. The Purchaser shall obtain a title search report from a licensed attorney or licensed Title Company detailing the ownership and encumbrances on the property. Such title search report shall be declared invalid if the effective date is more than one hundred twenty(120) days from the date the purchaser applies for a collector’s deed under section 140.240 or 140.420
  3. At least ninety days before requesting a Collector’s Deed, the Certificate of Purchase holder has notified any person who holds a publicly recorded deed of trust, mortgage, lease, lien or claim upon that real estate of their right to redeem such person’s publicly recorded security or claim at the last known available address stating the purchaser’s intent to obtain a Collector’s Deed
  4. Notification must be by both first class and certified mail return receipt requested and verification of such mailings furnished to the Collector; In the case that both the certified notice return receipt card is returned unsigned and the first class mail is returned for any reason except refusal, where the notice is returned undeliverable, then the purchaser shall attempt additional notice and certify in the purchaser’s affidavit to the collector that such additional notice was attempted and by what means.
  5. What you will turn into Collector’s Office to obtain Collector’s Deed:
    1. Original Certificate of Purchase surrendered to the Collector;
    2. Copy of ALL envelopes as they appear immediately before mailing;
    3. Copy of Letter that you are sending out;
    4. All returned original 1st Class Mail and Certified Mail unopened or signed return receipt cards;
    5. Original receipts for 1st Class Mail and Certified Mail;
    6. Original Title Search and Title Search PAID bill;
    7. All Documentation and receipts of attempts at additional notification;
    8. Affidavit stating that you have performed all requirements to obtain Collector’s Deed.
  6. Appropriate fees have been paid to the Collector including recording and collection fees.

Failure of the purchaser to obtain a Collector’s Deed within eighteen months from the date on the Certificate of Purchase will result in the loss of the purchaser’s lien on the property.