Property Redemption

RSMO. 140.340

Property sold for delinquent taxes may be redeemed within one year from the issuance of a Certificate of Purchase as follows:

1.Please advise the Collector’s Office at least 24 hours prior to the date you will be redeeming. We recommend scheduling an appointment and allowing twenty minutes to process.
2.Pay the Collector the amount of the Certificate of Purchase plus 10% annual interest; no interest shall be owing on the excess (surplus) amount.
3.Pay the Collector the amount of subsequent years taxes paid plus 8% annual interest, and;
4.Pay the Collector a redemption charge of fifty cents.

In case the party purchasing said land, his heirs or assigns, fails to take a tax deed for the land so purchased within six months after the expiration of the one year next following the date of sale, no interest shall be charged or collected from the redemptioner after that time.

Property may be redeemed by the owner of record, or on the owner’s behalf. Any tax sale bid amount, which resulted in a surplus amount above the delinquent taxes, and sales costs paid by the Certificate of Purchase holder is available for the owner of record. If undisputed, the surplus amount may be obtained from the Camden County Treasurer.  County commissions shall compel owners or agents to make satisfactory proof of their claims before receiving their money; provided that no county shall pay interest to the claimant of any such fund.

The Collector’s Office will notify the Certificate of Purchase holder when the property has been redeemed. The Certificate of Purchase must be surrendered to the Collector before the holder will be reimbursed the bid amount plus interest. The Collector will deliver a county check to the Certificate of Purchase holder for the redeemed amount less the fifty cents redemption fee.