Camden County Emergency Management Director


Job Title: Camden County Emergency Management Director

Description of Work: Under the direction of the Camden County Commission, plans, organizes, ans directs the Emergency Management programs for the county; acts as the community representative on all Emergency Management matters; and coordinates activities of the Camden County Emergency Management Agency with other local, State, Federal, non-profit, and private agencies.

Supervision Received: Works directly for the Camden County Emergency Management Agency and is under the supervision and direction of the Camden County Commission.

Typical Duties Performed:

Directs the planning, organizing and execution of Camden County Emergency Management and Homeland Security activities, conferring as necessary with County and State emergency management agencies and with neighboring emergency management directors to assure that its activities are an integral and coordinated part of County, State and National programs.

Coordinates the development, maintenance and annual review of the Camden County Emergency Operations Plan and other plans as required. Maintains and updates hazard mitigation and emergency response and recovery plans for community and mutual aid agreements with neighboring communities.

Secures and maintains information regarding facilities and resources of the local jurisdiction and of neighboring mutual aid jurisdictions for use in emergency situations. Coordinates the use of said resources, equipment and manpower available within the community.

Coordinates public information programs to keep all residents of the community informed about emergency management activities.

Establishes, maintains and runs the Camden County Emergency Operations Center. Supervises all subordinate personnel assigned to the program and administers the Citizen Corps Volunteer Program to recruit, train and sustain volunteer personnel.

Prepares the agency budget and takes responsibility for the preparation and correctness of all forms, official local/state/federal documentation, mutual aid or cooperative assistance agreements and reports filed through the agency.

Manages the accounting of all agency expenditures and incomes. Actively participates in all phases of major program areas - mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery before, during and after a disaster including planning for emergency communications support.

Coordinates the administrative requirements of various homeland security grants and programs as well as state and local grants and programs. Coordinates the administrative requirements of the LEPC, Homeland Security Response Team, and the Camden County Emergency Services Units.

Conducts grant writing required to ensure technical and financial assistance for all program activities.

Coordinates a training and exercise program to prepare the Emergency Management organization for emergency operations. Attends Emergency Management training courses and workshops.

Keeps the Camden County Commission, the Camden County Sheriff and other support organizations such as fire and ambulance services as well as the State Emergency Management representative fully informed of all Emergency Management matters.

Acts as the community representative in dealing with other governmental and private organizations.

During emergencies, coordinates community resources, reports activities and conditions to State Emergency Management and requests assistance as needed. Coordinates damage assessment activities and promptly reports to the State and the Camden County Commission.

Promotes interest in and cooperation with the Camden County Emergency Management program by conducting speaking engagements designed to enhance public awareness and participation.

Advises and assists business firms in establishing Industrial Emergency Plans, Continuity Plans and plans designed to promote resiliency post disaster. Also promotes community involvement in preparedness activities through training, planning and public education.

Administator must be FEMA Flood Plain certified and be capable of filling out all forms associated with being flood plain manager and understand the FEMA FIRMette software and how it is used. Floodplain managment is primarily administered out of the Camden County Planning and Zoning office, but the Camden County EMA needs to be competent and available in case of high levels of citizen request for the program or during vacancies in the Planning and Zoning Administrator job. This involvement will be at the direction of the Camden County Commission.

Assists in developing long-range strategic plans.

Performs other duties as apparent or as delegated.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of the structure, functions and interrelationships of Federal, State and Local governments. Must have the ability to deal effectively with Federal, State and Local government officials.

Knowledge of the methods of organization, planning, management and supervision.

Knowledge of the background and objectives of the Federal, State, County and Local Emergency Management programs.

Ability to evaluate situations and exercise good judgement in making decisions.

Considerable ability to represent the County and negotiate outcomes desirable to the County.

Considerable ability to safely operate a motor vehicle to attend meetings and perform job duties as listed and delegated.

Ability to work in an environment with a moderate noise level.

Considerable ability to operate various types of office equipment including a telephone, adding machine, calculator, copy machine and computer.

Considerable ability to inspect and assess properties and plans.

Working ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Minimum Qualifications:

While a four year degree is preferable, applicant must have completed at least two years of post high school education. A degree or substantial experience record in planning, emergency management or fire/safety is preferred.

Must be Flood Plain Certified within 90 days of hire date.

Must have a valid Missouri driver's license.

Must have all required certifications for Federal, State and Local programs administered by the Camden County EMA office.

Must be certified in NIMS and ICS. 

Applications will be accepted until July 17th, 2013.