Camden County GIS (Mapping)

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What is GIS?


“GIS is a form of digital mapping technology. Kind of like Google Earth, but better” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

This department is your one-stop shop to purchase maps and data and get help with the County’s web GIS if you need it. While much of the data you see mapped in the county isn’t directly produced in the GIS department any corrections or concerns can be addressed by this department and gotten where it needs to go in order to keep our records as accurate as possible.

Standard Maps

Certain “standard” maps have been developed by the Camden County GIS Department to provide to the public. These maps are of information that is widely used by many, such as Fire Districts, School Districts, Voting Districts, Lake Mile Markers and others listed below.

All of the standard maps are listed below as a free download in PDF format. (Click here to install Adobe Reader)