Camden Public Administrator

Thomas Gorsline


The Public Administrator Office is located at:

1 Court Circle NW, Suite 11
Camdenton, Missouri 65020



8:30am to 4:00pm Monday – Friday


Please send any mail to:

1 Court Circle NW, Suite 11
Camdenton, Missouri 65020

Public Administrator

Thomas Gorsline is the Public Administrator of Camden County. Assisted by two deputies and office staff, he handles approximately 120 cases serving as Guardian, Conservator, Personal Representative, or Representative Payee.

As Guardian

The Public Administrator is charged with providing for each ward’s care, treatment, habilitation, education, support, and maintenance. Annual reports are filed with the probate court.

As Conservator

The Public Administrator expends protectees’ funds for purposes authorized by statute or court order, and safeguards all of their assets. Annual reports are filed with the probate court.

As Personal Representative

For Court-designated deceased estates, the Public Administrator serves as Personal Representative, and concludes decedents’ affairs, under the supervision of the probate court.

As Representative Payee

Some individuals under Guardianship also require help paying bills. As their Representative Payee, the Public Administrator provides this service. An annual reporting is made to Social Security.


Cynthia Willard Chief Deputy
Gina King-Stegall Deputy
Tracy Galbierz Office Staff

Missouri Association of Public Administrators (MAPA)

Core Values

Integrity – We believe in fostering an honest and transparent approach toward nurturing professional and client relationships.
Dignity – We believe in recognizing and respecting the self-worth of each individual.
Empathy – We believe in an approach to understanding through listening and learning.
Positivity -We believe that a positive mindset should be at one’s core and should be shared.
Collaboration – We believe in teamwork and unity to achieve the best outcomes in all that we do.
Advocacy – We believe that educating and influencing the community is our responsibility. We believe that influencing public policy for the welfare of our clients is our responsibility.
Legacy – We believe that knowing and remembering the work of our predecessors is important when moving forward. We believe in leaving our offices and association better than what we were given by others.