Camden County Recorder

Donnie Snelling
Recorder of Deeds


1 court circle nw

Camdenton, mo. 65020


573-346-4440 EX 1300

Fax : 573-346-8367

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Duties of Recorder of Deeds
Recording land instruments, including deeds of all kinds, deeds of trust, affidavits, releases, power of attorney, plats and surveys, and others. Most recording can be done by mail, if needed. For businesses who contract for that type of service, E-recording IS available. For more info, contact I-County at (816) 295-1540 or your current provider.

Issuing of marriage licenses. Hours for marriage applications are 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Both parties have to appear with a photo ID for application process. Payment of $51.00 must be by cash or debit/credit card (NO checks). Use of debit/credit card incurs an additional $2.00 fee collected and kept by the credit card processor.

Issuing certified copies of marriage licenses for use in proving marriage to Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security or other agencies. WE CAN ONLY ISSUE CERTIFIED COPIES OF LICENSES OBTAINED IN CAMDEN COUNTY. If you were married here, but applied for your license in another county, you will need to contact that county for the copy. Certified copies are $9.00 each.

Recording military discharge records (DD214}. This is a free service and any copies of the recorded record are also free. To request any copies of (DD214} due to Hippa Laws you must fill out a request form and have it notarized.
Searches of our land records index are available at There you can set up a free account as a New User that enables you to search for items recorded. You are only able to see the index (Granter, grantees, abbreviated legal description, date, ect) -NOT the actual deed itself.

When requesting any copies we search by Owner’s name (NOT BY PARCEL NUMBER OR ADDRESS)

To view the deeds you would sign up with I County and pay a monthly subscription to them

Recording Fees (effective May 1, 2009)

If using a debit/credit card incurs an additional 2.9 % or a $2.00 minimum fee collected and kept by the credit card processor.

Real Estate
$24.00 First page
$3.00 Each additional page thereafter *

$44.00 First page
$25.00 Each additional page thereafter *

$24.00 First page
$5.00 Each additional page thereafter *

Marriage License (Issued 8:30am to 3:30pm)
$51.00 Marriage license
$9.00 Certified Copy

IRS Tax Lien
$9.00 Tax Liens
$7.50 Discharge

$1.00 Per page
$5.00 Per Page for a large plat

$1.00 Per document

*page defined as 8 ½ x 11 inches, 3″ Top Margin, and 1 sided. (if not an extra $25.00 Non Standard Fee will apply)
**page defined as 18 x 24 inches (all Plats and Surveys must be signed off by Camden County Planning and Zoning Office prior to recording of any plats or surveys).