Motor Vehicle Licensing

Information concerning motor vehicle licensing in the State of Missouri is subject to change. The information provided here is as a courtesy, you need to consult with the Department of Motor vehicles for up to date information.

Personal Property taxes MUST be paid on any motor vehicle or water craft you owned in Missouri at the start of the year which you desire to license. The Missouri Department of Revenue helps to enforce this by issuing a license plate only after a paid personal property tax receipt or a statement of non-assessment has been submitted.

  • Property Tax Receipt: County and the City of St. Louis Collectors in the State of Missouri issue a receipt when you pay property taxes, real estate and personal property. Show the receipt that lists the vehicle to be licensed when applying for a license. If you purchase or obtain a vehicle after January 1, you will need to show a paid tax receipt that lists the vehicle(s), boat(s), and/or trailer(s) owned on January 1.
  • Statement of Non-Assessment: If you did not own any vehicle in the State of Missouri on or before January 1 of the previous year, you may not owe taxes. This happens most often when you buy your first vehicle or when you move into the State of Missouri. A statement of non-assessment is the county collector’s declaration that you should not have owed any taxes. You may show the statement of non-assessment (waiver) when applying for a license.

To get a statement of non-assessment (waiver), talk to either the County Collector’s office first and then come to the Assessor’s office or come to our office first. In the Assessor’s office, you will make a declaration of the motor vehicle(s), water craft, towing trailers, etc. you wish to license. If you are not on the current Personal Property Assessment roles, a declaration will be filled out for you, and the statement of non-assessment filled out for the Assessor’s office. You will then be directed to the Collector’s office to have a search performed to see if you owe back taxes. Once that is completed, the Collector’s office will sign the statement of non-assessment (waiver) that you take with you to the License Bureau.

What do I need in order to get my vehicle license plates?

You will need to take the following information to the license bureau:

  • A paid personal property tax receipt or statement on non-assessment (waiver) for the previous year or two years if applying for two year license plates.
  • An inspection slip for the motor vehicle you desire to license, unless the vehicle is new. If the vehicle is new, an inspection slip is not needed.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • A license renewal notice if available.

If you have any questions regarding the licensing of vehicles, trailers, or water craft in the State of Missouri, you may call the local License Bureau Office at 573-346-7029.

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