Personal Property Frequently Asked Questions

1). Why am I being taxed on a vehicle I no longer own?
You are assessed based on the vehicle(s) owned on January 1 of the tax year. If you no longer own the vehicle(s) listed on the assessment form, or if you have different vehicles, you still must pay taxes on what you owned on the first day of the year.

2). I am no longer a resident in the State of Missouri, do I still owe?
Yes, by state law, you tax obligation is established on January 1. Even if you move to a different state the next day, you are still taxable for the year.

3). What should I do if I move from one county to another county in Missouri?
You still owe taxes to the county that you moved from if you lived there on January 1. You need to contact the county Assessor’s office in the county you moved from and request to be removed from their Personal Property Assessment roles. You need to contact the Camden County Assessor’s office by coming in to fill out a Personal Property Assessment form and be placed on the assessment roles for Camden County. Camden County does not have a system to know that you moved into the county and to place you on the assessment roles. It is your responsibility to notify each Assessor’s Office!

4). I sold my vehicle in mid-year and did not replace it. Are my taxes prorated?
No. Missouri law states you are assessed on what you own as on January 1 of each year. The State of Missouri does not have a provision in the law allowing the prorating of taxes.

5). I own a business. Am I responsible for personal property taxes?
Yes, businesses are required to file a personal property assessment form for all property owned (except inventory) or leased. Separate filings are required for each location if you have more than one office location. Also, any leased equipment should be indicated along with the name and address of the lease company.

6). At what percentage of the value is my personal property assessed?
The State of Missouri assesses personal property at 33 1/3%.

7). Can I apply for an extension to file my personal property assessment form?
The State of Missouri Statutes does not provide a means for granting an extension.

NOTICE: All Personal Property Assessment Forms not filed with the Assessor’s Office by March 1 of each year is subject to a late filing penalty of up to $105.00. This penalty cannot be waived! The penalty will be applied to your tax bill in November of that year.