Real Estate Parcel Information, Parcel Maps and Subdivision Books

The Camden County’s Assessor’s Real Estate Information is available on the internet through the Camden County GIS web site: MIS/GIS (Mapping)

If you need to research ownership for a parcel(s), this information can be accessed through the GIS on our website, by parcel number, owner name or situs address and is updated each Friday.

The Assessor’s records only have the mailing address of the current owner where any communication from this office is to be mailed. This address may or may not be the situs address, typically the address given is not the situs address.

Mailing Lists: Lists of property owners may be obtained for the purpose of mailing lists. The list may be of a subdivision or other geographical area or the entire county. Each list is custom made, therefore, the price of the list is dependent upon the information requested. This data is provided on a compact disc (CD) in Microsoft Excel format. This information is sold under license to the buyer and is not to be transferred, exchanged, traded, or loaned to other persons or businesses. Please contact our office for your request, 573-317-3811. Byron Willis, Chief Deputy Assessor can customize your order.

****WARNING: There have been some compatibility issues with the various issues of Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Works will not be compatible, you need to have a full working copy of Microsoft Excel.****